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Nowadays, privacy became one of the most important concerns for anyone surfing on the Internet. However, most companies and institutions break privacy and spy on people. It gets worse, sometimes people don't even know they are being spied on!

However, there are many solutions to solve this. One of them, and the easiest one is proxies. Proxies use a high technology similar to the one used in VPNs, and they work like a middle man between the visitor and any person who is trying to spy on him/her. They make it impossible for anyone to track any websites you visit or any activities you do. Doesn't that sound great?!

Therefore, we have created which is a 100% free proxy that you can use anytime, anywhere to hide your identity while surfing on the Internet. You just need to enter the website you want to visit privately in the column above and that is it! You are 100% protected.

Additionaley, there are many more benefits of proxies, one of which is that you can access any website banned from your network without any single problem without installing anything on your computer.

Don't forget to use anytime you want to visit any website privately ;)