With the video released by News Network, gamers had an expectation that Half-Life 3 would be available in five years. However, Valve's attitude has broken these hopes.
Half-Life 3 Expectations
Although there are many high-quality games with special effects in the game world, the rumors about Half-Life 3 are never ending, especially because of the endless desire of the players to be covered with different details. The players were constantly expecting a Half-Life 3, causing them to enter the troll radar.
Interesting Attitude from Valve
The creator of the Half-Life series, Valve, sometimes shares his interviews with his fans on the YouTube channel Valve News Network. However, with a video published by Valve News Network last day, Half-Life 3 had a lot of curiosity.

When a Valve fan asked the question orum I want to play a new Half-Life game before I die, do you think I'll play it before I die? Val Valve said, en You shouldn't die in the next 5 years un, but the game can only be released in five years. a clear indication. The openness of the message meant that half-life would be released in five years. The statement from Valve also confirmed this meeting. After a while, Valve News Network removed this video from YouTube. This attitude caused the dreams of Half-Life 3 to be destroyed.